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TV47, 51 & 28 Jenny Agutter playing Nurse Alex Price in An American Werewolf in London.
REAL43eFrom the news.t
REAL39 more spirited hi-jinks with that saucy Student Nurse.
TV46 our unknown friend from 'The Avengers' looking at something nasty.xt
NUR14 & 15 more of the other one from 'Carry On Nurse'Text
TV29 & 30  Cathy Murphy in Karaoke again.
REAL2  Nurse from Guy's Hospital from the news. ext
AD9 two Japanese Nurses. I think they're modelling the shoes rather than the uniforms.
REAL24 another scan from Amy Gets a Triple Bypass.Text
TV19 an uncredited actress from
Some Mothers Do Ave Em
, which I found embarrassingly un-funny.
TV44 another Nurse from The Avengers.Text