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Updated Sept 2014.
Paranoia Corner
I'm getting spammed on a regular basis, and am now receiving  more of this unwanted junk than genuine mail. In an attempt to put a stop to this, I've deleted the Mail Me boxes on both this and the main page.  Don't worry, the address is still valid; but you'll have to enter it manually if you want to mail me. Can I also ask you to please put 'Nurses Uniforms'  or something similar in the Subject field so that I can more easily sort out the junk from genuine mails. 
September 2014
Welcome to Nurses Uniforms - Past & Present.  This site will be updated on a semi-regular basis, so please keep on sending me your photos and comments. 

Latest Updates:   New General Page, Penny's Newcastle Page, Angels. Photo Albums updated - first time for a while........


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