Another Juliet Mills Gallery
These scans were taken from the 1962 film, 'Twice Around the Daffodils'. A comedy, it was set in a mens' Tuberculosis Sanatorium (we don't see many of these nowadays) and was somewhat darker in tone than 'Nurse on Wheels', bearing in mind the subject matter. The comedy was the usual  'Hospital food and randy patients chatting up the nurses' etc., but not as 'in your face' as the later Carry Ons. Kenneth Williams, Donald Sinden and Lance Perceval were amongst the patients.
Juliet played Staff Nurse Catty (short for Catherine, perhaps - we never got to find out) who stood no nonsense from her charges, but showed the compassion of the Ministering Angel when needed. She ends up falling in love with the bloke who collapses at the start of the film, the patients get better and all live happily everafter.