Blast from the Past

Back in the 1970s, two UK manufacturers stood head and shoulders above the rest. These were Garroulds and Miller Rayner Danco.
Both were based in London and produced a variety of smart and stylish uniforms and outerwear until the late1980s when they combined to form the
Practical Uniform Company. This new company lasted until the mid-90s, when it finally went under.
July 2002
The Garrould family now have their own website which will eventually include old catalogues, images and historical documents. Check it out here.
A selection of caps, hats and assorted headgear.
CAT86 SEN dress with cardigan (Danco).
CAT90 Sister's dress.
CAT88 District Nurse dress (Danco).
CAT87 Dress with apron and cardigan. (Danco)
CAT91 Nursing Auxiliary dress with cape.
CAT89, 92 & 93 Three different styles of overcoat.
CAT94 Two Nurses dresses.
CAT95 Nurse and  Sister's dresses.
NUPP Index
CAT471-475 From left to right we have a Sister's dress, a Veterinary Nurse's dress in two different colours, Garroulds' take on the 'National' (you can just make out white piping on the collar and pockets), a Dental Nurse's dress and a Ward Sister's ensemble.
19/7/02 Thanks to Phil for sending me these  Garroulds catalogue scans from the 1970s/80s.
CAT476 Phil also supplied this 1980s Danco Cardigan. 
AD391 Another view of Garroulds' 'National', from a 1988 Nursing Times article. Fom Mary.