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Page 22
REAL167 Students from the Halifax School of Nursing, 1987, wearing the 'National' uniform.

REAL168 The return of our QUARANC friends from Page 13.
REAL165 District Nurses from Banbury. From Dr.Phil.
AD45 From a Nursing Agency advert.
REAL164 Nurse from Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, from 'At the Sharp End'.
REAL159/60 Two scans from 'Children's Hospital'.
REAL162 & 163 2 more scans from 'Children's Hospital'.
REAL169 & 170 2 Student Nurses fom the 1950s.
REAL152 That Sister again.
ANG14 & 15 2 scans of Susan Gilmore from the 2nd
series of  'Angels', late '70s/early '80s.
TV127 From the '70s sitcom 'Doctor in Charge'.