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CAT198-201 These scans are  from the Stott catalogue. Check them out on my Suppliers Page.
MAT1A Inspired by
, I've tried my hand at colourising some of my scans. Here's my first effort, Jaquie Piper from 'Carry On Matron', rather fetching in green.
TV251, 260 & 262 Three more '70s/'80s Nurses from Graeme and Stuart. The uniform fastens at the back, although it's only really clear in the third pic.
AD110 Found on the Web..
TV265-268 Four scans from a dreadful 1970s mild porn 'comedy' called 'What's Up, Nurse?' Despite the title, it  was mostly about a randy doctor, the nurses were hardly featured at all. Take my advice, avoid it at all costs.
REAL479 Childrens' Nurse from the 1970s.
REAL 470 Comes from Nursing Times.
TV256 is from 'Minder'.
REAL474 This one's from Graeme.