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REAL484 & 486 Korean Student Nurses, 1990s.
AD113 A Danish OR Nurse wearing the uniform of 1905, sent by Anita. This period is normally a bit too early for my taste, but it's such a nice picture that I had to include it.
AD106 was sent by
AD107 comes from a junk mail.
TV253 '70s/80s Nurse. Thanks to
& Graeme.
REAL475 Another fine pic from Kajira.
REAL483 American Cadet Nurse from the '40s.
CAT192 From the
Graeme Gardner
AD82 Found on the Web.
AD103 Found on the Web.
AD111 American Nurse from the '80s.
REAL472 Comes from the Nursing Times.
REAL478 Nurse from the early '80s.