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Page 61
DOC22 Comes from
'Carry On Doctor'
NUR37 Comes from
'Carry On Nurse'.
TV231 & 232 Both come from 'Minder'.
NUR38 The last of the current batch of scans from 'Carry On Nurse'.
REAL101 White version of the 1970s 'National' uniform.
REAL459 Sister from the early '70s.
TV230 Another one from 'Minder'.
DOC23 & 24 Valerie van Ost in 'Carry On Doctor'.
NUR26C Shirley Eaton, colourised by Graeme..
REAL454 This happy Oriental Nurse was sent in by Stuart.
AD97 & 98 Two images of an American Dental Nurse, sent in by Graeme.