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TV38, 39 & 40 Three scans of Angela Finocchiero from the Italian film 'Volere Volare'.
CAT164-167 Four new scans from the Costume City website. It's a real treasure trove, if you haven't checked it out, do so now. The address is in my Costume City Gallery.
REAL417 A Nanny from the 1930s.
REAL438 A Nurse from Great Ormond St. Hospital in the 1950s.
REAL421 comes from the 1940s.
REAL434 & 435 Two Nurses from the early '30s.
TV212 From the 1940 film 'Vigil in the Night'.
AD75 Found on the Web by Jon.
CAT168 - 170 Three Dental Nurse dresses, found on the Web by Dr.Phil.