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Page 55
AD72 & 74
Two scans from the '90s sent to me by Chris.
REAL402 & 403 Found on the Web by Kajira.
REAL431 Trainee Nannies from the 1940s.
REAL432 Relaxing in the Nurses' Lounge, America 1930s.
CAT163 This is the standard uniform worn by Nurses in Finland. Sent by Anita.
REAL433 Another from
, this shows a Finnish Radiographer from the '60s.
REAL437 Community Nurse from the present day.
REAL439 This one was sent by Graeme.
REAL429, 430 & 436 Three scans from Dr.Phil, showing a 1980s Scottish Sister and Nurse and a group of  Japanese Nurses from the '60s.
TV212, 213 & 214 Three scans from America sent by Graeme.