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DITH16 A new scan of  Muriel Pavlow.
REAL396,387 & 388 Three more of  Dr.Phil's King's College Hospital Nurses, from the late '70s/early '80s.
CAT122 from a recent
catalogue, kindly scanned for me by Anita.
REAL392 Rolling out the Barrel at Guy's in the '40s. Thanks to
for this one.
CAT119 This one's for Nurse Angela. Thanks to Svenja
REAL391 A Nuffield Hospitals Nurse from 1999, from Dr.Phil's collection.
TV192 25 years on from 'Angels', and Lesley Dunlop is still playing nurses. Here she is with Pam Ferris in 'Where the Heart is'.
REAL393 An American Student Nurse from the mid-60s.
REAL389 & 390 These Malaysian Red Cross Nursing sisters were sent to me by Jean-Paul.
CAT125 Another of Anita's