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REAL384 & 385
Two more fine scans from Dr.Phil. These Nurses are from King's College Hospital, circa 1977-80.
REAL345 American Army Nurse, WWII.
REAL381 A Nurse from Bart's Hospital, '50s/'60s from Dr.Phil.
REAL368  Childrens' Nurse from the '50s.
REAL341 A Nurse from the London Hospital, '70s.
ANG32 Another shot of  Rose from Angels.
REAL382 Another WWII American Army Nurse.
TV190 Blakey and Friend from the totally unfunny
'Mutiny on the Buses
REAL383 A Sister from St.Thomas's Hospital, 1970s.
AD65 Another scan from the NHS's '80s recruitment campaign.
REAL380 Another Bart's Nurse from