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CAT117 is from the Boyd-Cooper catalogue. Their website should be live soon, check out my Suppliers Page.
Page 46
ANG29 Fiona Fullerton as Pat Rutherford from the first series of
ANG30 Lesley Dunlop as Ruth Fullman, again from the original 'Angels'.
ANG31 Katherine Apanowicz as Rose Butchins (in yellow) and unknown friend from the second series of 'Angels'.
REAL 361 & 365  Two more '50s Nurses from the Middlesex Hospital.
Two Sisters from Dr.Phil's collection. They are from Glasgow Royal Maternity Hospital, late '50s and Sheffield General Hospital,1940s.
REAL352 & 374
TV192 comes from a naff Roger Moore '70s film, 'The Man Who Haunted Himself'.
REAL358 comes from 'City Hospital'.
CAT118 Aprons from
Costume City