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REAL353, 371 & 372  These three come from Dr.Phil, and show a Labour ward Superintendant from Aberdeen Maternity Hospital in the mid-60s, a Labour Ward Sister and Nurses mid-60s and a Sister & Student Midwife 1953/54, both from the Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion, Edinburgh.
REAL370 An American Army Nurse from WW2.Text
AD7 A Phillippino Nurse from the early '90s.
REAL360 & 367 Two Nurses from the Middlesex Hospital, mid-50s. Note the ties holding the caps on.
REAL350 A Hong Kong Nurse from the mid-50s.
REAL373 Two Nurses from Bart's Hospital, late '50s or early '60s. From
REAL363,364 & 366 Sister and two Nurses from the Middlesex Hospital in the mid-50s.