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Page 44
ANG28 This is one I've been after for a while - the original cast from 'Angels' in a 1975 publicity shot.
REAL359 & 362 Two shots of Nurses from the Middlesex Hospital taken in the early 1950s.
AD60, 61 & 62 These are from a 1953 Iron Lung manual and come from the Virtual Iron Lung Museum website.
AD63 Another scan from the NHS's 1980s Nurse Recruitment Campaign.
REAL339 An American Nurse's graduation photo.
Real342 From Dr.Phil's collection, this one shows staff at the Bellshill Maternity Hospital, Lanarkshire, in the 1960s.
REAL369 A happy Staff Nurse from
'City Hospital
REAL346 Student Nurses from the Middlesex Hospital from the early '50s.
REAL355 is from
'City Hospital'.
REAL357 It's a laugh a minute on the wards. From 'City Hospital'.