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REAL336 These Nurses have just delivered a petition to No.10 Downing Street.
TV185 & 187 Two more Sisters from 'Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse'.
REAL340 WW2 Red Cross Nurse.
REAL248 Student Nurse from the London Hospital, early '50s.
REAL55 Trainee Nurses in the late 1940s.
REAL338 This is the Nurse who was murdered by a colleague in 1996. The murderer got life.
AD64 This one's from an NHS Nurse Recruitment campaign from the early '80s.
ANG27 Joanna Munro from 'Angels'. She ended up alongside Esther Rantzen on 'That's Life'.
REAL171 Nurses from the Royal Eye Hospital in the '60s.
REAL337 From the News.
REAL351 Sister and Student Midwife from the '60s. From
REAL348 American Nurse from the early '70s.
REAL349 A Nurse from New Zealand in the '50s.