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Page 42
TV180  Accidents will happen, from '70s sitcom
'Doctor at Large'.
TV181 TV Presenter Gloria Hunniford in the early '60s.
REAL330 & 332 District Nurse and Hospital Sister from the 1980s. From
REAL331 1980s Nurses' Station from
Dr Phil's
REAL334 Student Nurses from the London Hospital in the '50s.
REAL333 Sister and Nurse, time and place unknown, from Dr Phil's collection.
REAL335 American Graduation ceremony, 1953. Nurses receive the Candle of Liberty which lights the way to Freedom, Democracy,  and the Downfall of International Communism...
AD59  comes from the
'Nursing Times'
TV186 One of the Sisters from 'Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse'.
TV182 & 183 Two shots of  Lesley Ash as she will soon be seen in 'Where The Heart Is'. Dr Phil sent me these, expect more of  Lesley in future updates.
TV188 & 189 These two come from '70s cop series 'Bergerac', which is being repeated by the BBC. Sorry about the quality of these, I don't know if it's the age, but the whole programme looks as if it's been shot in soft focus.