CAT115 & 116 Two new scans from 'Costume City'

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ANG21 & 25 The last scans from the Angels Annual 1978. These show Julie Dawn Cole as District Nurse Jo Longhurst.
REAL325  Scanned from a Schools' programme on the History of Medicine. Time unknown, most likely late '40s or early '50s.
TV178  Susannah Doyle of
Drop the Dead Donkey
fame in Hospital from 1997. (thanks to Mark of TV Tome)
REAL319 1940s Nurses. Jolly Good Show.
REAL327  is from 'City Hospital'.
TV179 Duffy of 'Casualty' as she looked before the 'tunic & trousers' period.
CAT115 & 116 Two new scans from 'Costume City'
REAL326 Another scan from 'City Hospital'.
REAL328 & 329 Two scans from the News.