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ANG18, 19 & 20 At last, some more scans from 'Angels'. These are all from the 1978 Annual, which I picked up thanks to the wonderful world of Online Auctions.
TV171 & 172 Sister from 'Emergency Call', a hoary old British film from the 1950s.
REAL313 1970s Nurse shaving Old Man Steptoe.
REAL310 Nurses from the St.John's Ambulance Brigade modelling uniforms old and new, late '60s/early '70s. This one was sent to me by Rikki.
REAL314 A Sister from
'City Hospital'
ANG24 This is from the cover of 'The New Angels', one of several paperback tie-ins.
TV176 & 177 Vivienne Johnson as Young Mr Grace's Nurse from 'Are You Being Served?' These pictures come from the AYBS Multimedia Archive.
TV175 Nurse from
'Emergency Call'
REAL312 Ward rounds in the '60s.
REAL316 Nurses' canteen in the '60s.