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Page 38
TV167, 168 & 169 Three scans from 'Doctor in the House'.
TV170 Shirley Eaton with rolled-down sleeves from 'Doctor at Large'.
REAL66 A Nurse from Great Ormond St Childrens' Hospital in the 1970s.
REAL306 comes from
'City Hospital'.
TV142 Carol Cleveland  and friends from the Monty Python sketch 'Me Doctor'.
REAL297 is from
'City Hospital'
REAL295 from the '60s,
REAL303 Carol singing Nurses from the '40s.
TV163,164 & 165 Samantha Spiro playing Barbara Windsor in the ITV drama 'Cor Blimey'. In this scene, she visits Sid James in hospital dressed as a nurse.......
TV166  A scene from Sid James's ward from 'Cor Blimey'.