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REAL307 Another class photo from Charing Cross Hospital, this one's from the early '80s. They're wearing the 1970's 'National' uniform. Check out the token male.
REAL304 The white version of the 'National', from sometime in the '70s.
DOC2 Anita Harris in 'Carry On Doctor'.
REAL300 Close-up of the 'National' uniform, still being worn today. This one's from the BBC's 'Working in Health and Care'.
REAL308 Nurse found on the Web.
REAL309 Nurses from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in 1958, from Rikki's collection.
REAL296 Protesting Nurses in the 1970s.
REAL311 Before she became a TV Agony Aunt, Claire Rayner was a Nurse. Here she is in the late '50s, courtesy of Dr.Phil.
REAL301, 302 & 305 Three scans from the BBC's 'City Hospital'.
TV160 Samantha Spiro as Barbara Windsor from the ITV drama 'Cor Blimey!'.
TV161 & 162 Two scans from 'Eastenders'.