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REAL284, 286 & 287 Are all from 'RCN Nursing Update', back on our screens after a long absence.
REAL292 '60s Bart's Nurses.
REAL298 A Nuclear Medicine (sounds nasty) Nurse from 'City Hospital'.
REAL293 Protesting mini-skirted Nurse from the early '70s.
REAL290 Nurses from Nottingham general Hospital in 1960. Thanks to
for this one.
REAL289 Another fine picture from Rikki, a Nurse from Great Ormond St. Hospital in 1952.
REAL291 Nursing in the Good Old Days (probably the '60s). From Dr.Phil.
REAL288 comes from
'RCN Nursing Update'.
REAL299 from 'City Hospital'.
REAL271 A Night Nurse from the 1950s.
REAL285 from
'RCN Nursing Update'
REAL294 More protesting mini-skirt wearing 1970s Nurses.