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REAL281 From the '60s, this one could have come from a toothpaste advert.
TV157 & 158 The Sister from 'Alfie'.
TV159 This one's a real gem. It's from 'Emergency Ward 10' and was sent to me by
. Thanks, mate.
CAT114, 112 & 113 Three scans from a new manufacturer, Montagu Designs. Check them out on my Suppliers Page.
AD55,56 & 57 Three current scans from the Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service (QARNNS) website. Thanks to Rikki for the tip.
TV146 Emilia Fox, yet again.
REAL272 From
'City Hospital'
REAL277 A Student Nurse from the '50s.
REAL282 Nurses on the London Eye.
REAL283 A Staff Nurse from the '70s.
AD158  Found on the Web.