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REAL250 Student Nurse from the early '90s, courtesy of  Dr.Phil.
WW2 Nurse.
REAL235 A Japanese Nurse from the 1960s.
REAL246 From the News.
REAL251 Protesting Nurses in the early '70s. Uniforms are identical to those worn in the first series of Angels.
REAL229 Scottish Nurse from the mid-1990s.
REAL242 WW2 pilot in the care of a Red Cross Nurse.
REAL249 Found on theWeb.
TV139 From the TV series 'Dirty Work'.
REAL37 Shirley Eaton and staff at the London hospital on the set of  'Doctor at Large'.
TV140 This one looks like it's a still from a TV series, could be an early episode of 'Casualty'. Any ideas anyone?
REAL256 Taken from the News.
CAT70 From the latest