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REAL208 Children's Nurse from the 1940s wearing distinctly non-regulation headgear.
REAL228 Thanks to Graeme for sending me this one.
REAL226 Early '90s Nurse, from the collection of Dr.Phil.
REAL230 comes from Nursing Times.
CAT66 From an old
TV132 Amanda Donohue from the film 'Paper Mask'.
REAL210 & 227 Two Nurses found on the Web.
REAL222 Japanese Nurses plotting total market domination by 2010. Honest!
TV133 comes from 'Heartbeat'.
TV136 Apologies for the poor quality of this one, but it's the best I could get. She's from 'Rutland Weekend Television', Eric Idle's post-Python series on the BBC in the mid-70s.
TV135 Dr.Crusher from 'Star Trek, The Next Geneation', the one where thay have to go back to the 1900s to save Data's head etc...
REAL233, 234 & 235 3 Nurses from the 1950s showing the different styles adopted by various hospitals.
REAL231  comes from Nursing Times.
REAL18 An American Nurse from the 1950s.
TV137 & 138 A hideous alien shape-changer masquerading as a rather severe-looking Nurse from 'Dr Who - Terror of the Zygons'. Thanks to Jon for the tip.