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TV27 & TV7 Tilly Blackwood again. I don't know anything about her, Scene
is/was a series of one-off dramas aimed at teenagers, and this particular one was set in a hospital. Tilly played Nurse Maggie Coates and was a central character.
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TV20 From the 1999 kids' series 'G-Force'. There's more of her on Page 91.
REAL25 another shot of the nurse in the news from Page 1. This is the sort of uniform that Anna (see Words of Wisdom) used to wear as a Community Nurse.
REAL33 Nurses in the late 1960s from a documentary on the history of the NHS.Text
REAL35 Student Nurses in the 1970s from Nursing Times.Text
DOC16 Extras from Carry On Doctor.
MAT12 Barbara Windsor, Carry On Matron.ext
TV13  Nurse from The Avengers, the Tara King era.t
TV25   Juliet Mills from
Nurse On Wheels
, a comedy from the 1950s.
ADOC6 Valerie van Ost as The Sister from Carry On Again Doctor.
ADOC4 Elizabeth Knight, again .ext
TDOC17/18/19 Babs makes her grand entrance in Carry On Doctor.ext