DOC13 & 14  Anita Harris and Barbara Windsor from Carry On Doctor.
TV10 Tilly Blackwood from a'  drama, Scene.
DITH11 Muriel Pavlow again.
REAL16  Nurse from a 1980s kid's book called Amy Gets A Triple Bypass or something like that.
TV21 Joanne Whalley in The Singing Detective.
REAL22 From the News.
ANG2 Katherine Apanowicz as Rose and Shirley Cheriton as Katie Smart from Angels. They both ended up in Eastenders.
NUR10 Shirley Eaton again. She was also the one painted gold in Goldfinger.
TV34 From Sex, Chips and Rock'n'Roll. Made in 1999, set in the '60s.
TV31 Nurse from
, a truly awful programme.
TV15 Unknown actress from The Avengers.
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REAL11 Childrens' Nurse from the News.
MAT1 More of  Jaquie Piper.
ADOC8  Nurse enjoying the peace and quiet just before Jim Dale crashes through the doors on a runaway trolley. How we laughed...