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REAL 199, 200 & 201 Cardiac Nurse from 'Trust Me, I'm a Doctor'. It's nice to see that this style of uniform is still being worn.
REAL204 'Who do you think you are - Stirling Moss?' Ace driver leaving hospital in the '60s.
REAL206 An early '90s picture from Dr.Phil.
REAL197 A sign of the times, Casualty Nurse with personal alarm.
AD49 A State Enrolled Nurse from the '60s, from an old Baille's Nursing handbook.
REAL203 Casualty Nurse from the 1970s.
REAL196 & 198 Two more '90s Nurses from Dr.Phil.
REAL52 Nurses from the London Hospital modelling uniforms old and new in the mid -'50s.
REAL207 Staff from Guy's Hospital, 1998.
REAL209 Found on the Web.
REAL8 Night Nurse from the 1970s.