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Page 24
TV128 & 129 Here's a couple of  Joanne Whalley's fellow nurses from 'The Singing Detective'.
REAL182 From the '50s, this one looks like a Mills & Boon cover.
REAL184 A nice shot of  the '70s 'National' uniform.
TV130 & 131 Another Nurse from 'Heartbeat'.
REAL187 & 188  An Infection Control Nurse from the News.
REAL180 Beware of the flowers, 'cause I'm sure they're gonna get you. yeah! (Otway).
REAL186  From a Sunday Supplement.
REAL191 Children's Ward Sister from the 1960s. Another fine scan from Dr.Phil.
REAL185 Sister and Nurses, 1990s, from Nursing Times.
REAL12 A Voluntary Nurse from the 1940s.