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Page 20
TV121 Another of Tilly's friends from 'Scene'.
TV124 Juliet Mills, 'Nurse on Wheels'.
REAL145 Stock footage of Nurse doing the Hokey-Cokey.
CAT34 A very smart District Nurse outfit from the latest Alexandra catalogue. From Dr.Phil.
REAL148 Two Sisters from Bart's, 1997/98.
REAL149 Sister from Bart's, 1997/98
REAL154 Nurses from Kingston Hospital celebrating the pay award.
REAL146 Nurses meeting, 1960s.
REAL150 Student Midwife from 'Maternity Hospital'.
REAL151 & 153 A Midwife from 'Maternity Hospital'.
CAT35,36 & 38 More scans from the John Maden catalogue.