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REAL137,138 & 140 A harrassed-looking Nurse from Bart's Hospital on the News.
TV118 Julia Sawalha in the TV drama 'Ain't Misbehaving'.
REAL123 Another Red Cross Nurse.
TV122 & 123 2 scans from 'Dr Who and the Silurians'.
REAL142 & 143 Nurses from 'Children's Hospital'.
REAL141 Sister and Nurse from Bart's in the 1950s. From Dr.Phil's collection.
REAL136 1940s Nurse.
REAL130 More Nurses from the News.
REAL134 From the News.
REAL144 Children's Nurse, mid-1990s.
REAL147 Nurses conferring, mid-1990s.
TV120 One of  Tilly Blackwood's friends from 'Scene'.