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REAL131 From the News.
REAL127 Anyone for tennis?
REAL129 Attendees at the London rally for Nurses Day 1998.
REAL135 Suzanne Woodhouse, Nurse and model. From
AD41 Nurse with lilo. This one was sent to me by
. Interesting sleeves.
REAL126 1940s Nurses.
TV94 Glynis John in the film 'Flesh and Blood'.
AD42 Another one from Graeme. Nurses model a uniform from the 1940s alongside today's bland look.
TV114 & 115 Two scans from 'Heartbeat'. A really, really awful programme.
REAL125 Children's Nurse from the 1950s.
TV117 Another scan from 'Heartbeat'.
REAL132& 133 Two Nurses on the News who will benefit from the latest pay rise. It's about time, I say.