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TV96,98 & 100 From 'Invasion',a cheap and cheerful British SF movie from the 1960s which came across as a kind of 'Dr Who meets Quatermass'. Set in a cottage hospital, Nurse Lim (Tsai Chin) is impersonated by an alien (Yoko Tani) while strange Orientals in wetsuits wander about in the woods chased by the Army.
REAL96 Staff  Nurse from Southampton Hospital. From the News.
REAL93 Nurses wearing the 1970s/80s 'National' uniform.
AD38 More proof that the Private Sector remains a bastion of stylish uniforms.
REAL102 The staff of Trowbridge Hospital in the 1940s. Another marvellous picture from Dr.Phil.
REAL106 Nurse pushing trolley from the News.
REAL95 Two newly-qualified Nurses from the 50s.
REAL107 Nurse carrying
something or other.
REAL97  Nurse from Leicester Royal Infirmary in the early 1970s.
TV102 & 103 Two scans of the Nurse who appears briefly in the 1962 film version of  'Day of the Triffids'.
REAL109 A cruise liner nurse from 1998. From Dr.Phil.
REAL110 Red Cross Nurses from WW2.