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REAL26 A District Nurse protesting in 1996.
AD35 a montage of scans fom the Nuffield Hospitals website.
TV93  Leslie Phillips and friends from 'Doctor in Trouble', made in 1970.
TV91 from 'Doctor in Trouble'.
TV90 &92 Two more scans from 'Doctor in Trouble'.
REAL86 A Nurse Guy's Hospital A&E department.
REAL87 A Spotty Sister from St.Thomas's Hospital.
REAL89 A Nurse from Guy's Hospital,1998/99.
REAL91  BUPA Nurse wearing the current uniform. From the News earlier this year.
REAL92 BUPA Sister from the late 80s. Apart from the bow tie, which I think was an optional extra, this uniform is more or less the same as the one BUPA nurses wear today. From
AD37 From another Private Healthcare site.
REAL90 Nurses at Guy's Hospital,1998.
AD36 from one of  the many Private Hospitals on the web.