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REAL73 Nurses from the Royal Marsden Hospital, mid-late 90s.
REAL72 State Enrolled Nurse (SEN) from King's College Hospital circa 1977. Another fine scan from Dr.Phil.
AD32 Nurses from the Royal Marsden Hospital in 1998, modelling uniforms past, present and future.
REAL51 A Staff Nurse from the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in the early 1960s.
AD21 & 22 two more scans from the Private Sector.
REAL28 Student Nurses from Hammersmith Hospital in the1950s.
TV87 Nurse Shirley Fisher from 'A Touch of Frost'.
AD27 & 28 Alexandra's best, a nice choice of uniform for the Courts TV advert from Christmas 1999. 
AD25 from the Persil TV advert, 1999/2000.
REAL50 a Student Nurse from the 1940s.
AD30 a District Nurse from
REAL74 & 75 Two examples of the blue check 'National Uniform' from the 1970s/80s. From Dr. Phil's collection.