TV6 Cathy Murphy (thanks, Stu)  from Dennis Potter's Karaoke.
TV35 Unknown actress from Sex,  Chips and Rock'n'Roll.
TV22 Diana Rigg in an early episode of  The Avengers.
ANG9 From the BBC's Angels from the 1970s.
DOC5 Anita Harris in
Carry On Doctor
DITH4 Muriel Pavlow in
Doctor in the House
MAT10 Jaquie Piper from Carry On Matron.
REAL4 Nurse from Bart's Hospital, scanned from the news.
TV27 Nurse from the 1950s.
REAL14 unknown Nurse from the news.
CAT5 You can buy this uniform from Alexandra Workwear.
REAL21 Two Nurses from Guy's Hospital as they appeared on the News.
NUR6 Shirley Eaton in
Carry On Nurse
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ADOC2 & ADOC5 Valerie van Ost from Carry On Again Doctor.