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CAT20, 24 & 25 
3 more scans from the John Maden catalogue.
TV79, 80 & 81 3 scans from The Best of Benny Hill. I think this dates from the mid-1970s.

TV1 Juliet Mills, 'Nurse on Wheels'.
REAL56  Guy's Hospital Nurses on the News again.
CAT19 Another excellent uniform from John Maden.
AD20  from an old copy of Nursing Times.
CAT26 Another John Maden scan. This is the type of cape that Anna used to hate wearing (see Words of Wisdom). It's called a Tippet and is favoured by Military Nurses and a number of Private Hospitals. Thanks to
Dr. Phil
for the information.
AD19 this one came from a magazine I picked up at the Dentist's.