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TV70 & 74 Lesley Maguire playing Nurse Jenny Delaney in 'The Bill'.
Real67 A Nurse from the Royal Masonic Hospital.Text
Real64 from RCN Nursing Update.Text
Real59 A Student Nurse in the early 1950s.
TV75 Joanne Whalley as Nurse Mills in The Singing Detective.
TV77 & 78 Shirley Eaton again, this time from 'Doctor At Large', the follow-up to 'Doctor in the House' and made in  1957. Same cast, same plot, same jokes etc..
AD18 Junk Mail - don't you just love it. Here's another scan courtesy of  the Private Healthcare industry.
Real57 from RCN Nursing Update.
Real58 Student Nurse from Guy's Hospital.
CAT21 & 22 two dresses from the John Maden catalogue. It's nice to see some green amongst all the blues and pinks.