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TV61 An unknown actress from a strange little film called 'Quest For Love', made in 1971 and starring Joan Collins.
REAL54 comes courtesy of the BBC.Text

Real7 Nurses from St Thomas's Hospital in the 1970s.Text
AD10 from a record cover by 'Skyhooks', an Australian band, I think.Text
AD16 & 17  Nurses from the Marie Curie Cancer Care Foundation.
Page 8Text
Real5 her name's Penny and she used to go out with the  legendary Captain Sensible. Text
REAL36 American Student Nurses studying hard.Text
AD2 from another Private Healthcare brochure. Text
Real13TClose-up of the Nurse on the News from Page 1.ext
TV66 - 69 Welsh Nurse from Dr.Who - Spearhead From Space. I've no idea who she is.
ANG10   from Angels.