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REAL60 It's cold on the picket lines! Protesting Nurses from University College Hospital in 1988. From Nursing Times.

REAL65 Nurse from Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in the 1970s.
REAL63 District Nurse from around 1985. From
collection. Nice hat.
REAL17 A British Nursing Association Nurse from the 1960s.
REAL61 a cheerful Nurse from Hammersmith Hospital.
REAL68 Early '60s Midwives from the wonderfully-named Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion, Edinburgh. From Phil's collection.
REAL69 Student Midwife from the Simpson Memorial etc. From Phil's collection.
ANG11 Shirley Cheriton as Staff  Nurse Katy Smart from Angels.
TV86 A scene from General Hospital, a daytime soap made by ATV in the 70s. Lynda Bellingham was in it at some point.
REAL70 Staff Nurse from the 80s. From Phil's collection.
CAT27 what today's well-dressed German Nurse is wearing.
REAL71 Dental Nurse from the 70s. Dig those flares. From Phil's collection.
TV82 from 'Alfie'.